Arcosanti~Springs Camping Club

Arcosanti~Springs Camping Club

Arcosanti ~ Springs

Private Camping Club

Serving Club Members Only

686 Quaker Road, East Aurora, New York 14052

Revised May 1, 2019

General Information

  1. Camping Season. May 1st thru October 31st
  2. Types of campers allowed. Fully equipped recreational vehicles and camping trailers only
  3. Number of campsites: (4)
  4. Number of persons allowed per campsite: (6)
  5. Additional vehicles allowed per campsite in addition to RV or camping trailer: (2)
  6. Existing nature path to Creekside is gravel and grass
  7. Existing roadways are gravel and/or lawn areas over a naturally gravelly soil sub base. It

is anticipated that as vehicular traffic develops, some ruts will naturally develop and be

patched as required with stone or gravel resulting in a two-track farm road.

  1. (2) way roadways are a minimum of 20’-0” wide and (1) way roadways are a minimum of

12’-0” wide.

  1. Parking pads are located on high dry lawn areas over well drained gravelly soil. Campers

may use wood leveling blocks to level their campers.

  1. A campground office is not included in the plans. The owner/operator lives on site and

members will register and reserve sites on-line or in person by appointment.

  1. Camp Club Memberships may include a (25) week full season, however, that use is not

anticipated. Campsites will be rented to members only on a weekly basis, with one week

being the minimum stay.

Utility Services Provided

 A septic system will be designated for the site and include (4) dumping ports, one for

each campsite. The system has been designed by an engineer and an Erie County Health

Department permit will be applied for and obtained on February 19, 2019.

  1. An “electric service system” has been planned for the site. This service will be in place for

the 2020 camping season.

  1. RV’s of camping trailers owned by club members will be required to include water storage

tanks to provide daily water requirements for the capacity of their camping party. (6 max.)

  1. A new public water service system has been designed to service the campsite. The water

service will include an RPZ and Hot Box just north of the Right Of Way. A water valve will be positioned for service to each of the (4) campsites.

Camping Ground Rules and Regulations

  1. The campground is reserved for members and their guests only.
  2. All potential members will pay a membership fee prior to securing campsite reservations.
  3. The campground is seasonal and will be open to members from May 1st thru October 31st, (25) total weeks each year
  4. Campers will be required to check-in online prior to arrival and will be greeted by the manager on the day of their arrival. Arrival time is 12:00 noon until 9:00 pm.
  5. Campers must vacate the campsite no later than 11:00 am on the final day.
  6. Camp Club members must be at least 21 years of age. Members must provide identification and proof of age, and furnish the full names of everyone in their camping party.
  7. The Camp Club member is responsible for everyone in their camping party.
  8. All campers under 21 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by the club member.
  9. Campsite occupancy is limited to (6) persons per campsite. A minimum of (1) RV or camping trailer is required. No tents will be allowed. All campers in the party will be required to utilize the restroom facilities provided in their camping vehicle only.
  • All campers will occupy and place equipment on their campsite only.


Day Use / Guests


  1. Anyone who is not registered in the camping party is a day user and are not allowed between 10:30 pm and 7:30 am. All club members must notify the park manager if guests will be visiting their campsite. Members must notify management in advance of anticipated guest arrival time and note the number of guests on their expected arrival and departure times. Day users will be required to park in the designated parking area within the campsite.. The number of day users per campsite is limited to (8).


  1. Firewood Alert – Do not move firewood by transplanting firewood. You could be spreading diseases and invasive insects that can quickly kill large number of trees.
  2. All campfires must be built in the community firepits provided for that purpose.
  3. No fires are permitted except for cooking and warmth.
  4. No fires shall be started until near by flammable material has been removed to prevent fire spread.
  5. Firewood will be provided from the site only as an ample supply of dead and  downed trees can be found on the wooded embankment along the nature trail.
  6. Fire cannot be left unattended, and must be extinguished by the water hose provided.
  7. Oversized camp fires (bonfires) will not be permitted.


 General Behavior

 Quiet hours must be observed between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.

  1. Gambling is prohibited.
  2. No person shall deface or remove park signs, structures or barriers.
  3. No person shall remove or injure any plants, trees, rocks or animals found in the park.
  4. No person shall deposit garbage or refuse in the park except for in their designated container.
  5. No person shall be allowed to ignite fireworks on the property.
  6. No person shall intentionally expose themselves in a lewd manner.
  7. No person shall obstruct vehicular of pedestrian traffic.
  8. No person shall engage in fighting or violent or threatening behavior.

10 No person shall play athletic games or other activities of a rough or

boisterous manner except in designated game area.

  • No person shall possess or discharge fire arms.
  • If the police are called by management or other camper due to disruptive behavior, the camper or campers will be required to leave the property.

Nature Path

  1. No person shall trespass on neighboring properties. The limits of the nature trail and property lines will be clearly posted. The path overlooks Cazenovia Creek and leads to a small Picnic Area at the end of the trail.
  2. Changing in or out of clothing is prohibited except for in camping trailers or RV’s.
  3. Possession of alcoholic beverages or glass containers is not allowed on the nature trail or near Cazenovia Creek.


  1. Proof of rabies inoculations must be provided to park management in advance of any club members, their guests or day visitors prior to being allowed to bring their pets on site
  2. Rabies certificate or tag dated for current year are acceptable forms of proof.
  3. Pets must be confined or leashed to restrict them to the campsite of the member.
  4. Dogs cannot be left unattended. Barking or vicious dogs must be removed from the campground.
  5. Dogs may be walked on a leash provided they are under control at all times.
  6. Dogs owners must properly dispose of the animal’s excrement in waste containers provided on site.

Motor Vehicles

  1. No person shall operate a motor vehicle in excess of the posted speed limit of 5 mph.
  2. No person shall park or stand a motor vehicle on any campground roadway.
  3. Off road vehicles, ie: ATV’s, are not allowed.


  1. No persons under age shall posses or consume alcoholic beverages.
  2. Person are age 21 and over who posses or consume alcoholic beverages must produce identification and proof of age upon request of park management.

Commercial Activity

  1. No person shall sell any articles, commodities or services from the campsites.
  2. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Instructions from Management

  1. No person shall fail to comply with a lawful instruction of park management.
  2. No person shall fail to comply with any instructions posted on park signage.
  3. No person shall attempt to prevent park management from failing to perform their duties by means of intimidation, physical force or interference.


  1. Violation of any campground rules by members, guests or day visitors is grounds for eviction and termination of membership without a refund.

Copies of this document will be attached to membership applications and laminated copies will be presented to campers upon arrival and should be displayed for guests and day visitors. Return of laminated copies at check-out time is required.
























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